Pip Hall – A Bright Talent In A Dark Music Universe

Her light and innocent voice is the only delight you can find by night,

Both her eyes reflect her questioning mind, filled up with mixed feelings

Concerned about that particular someone, haunting her spirit like a devil, making her head spin:

Pip Hall writes and sings to keep her from falling down.

Her latest song is Devil You Don’t.

An enigmatic track tinted with multiple shades: either white and pink, or red and green, to paint her innocence, her confusion, her fear of loneliness, her fear of the “devil”.

The more enigmatic it is, the more mesmerizing it feels, and smoothly, Pip Hall drives us in her dark music universe: Dark Pop, with a taste for old rock and alt rock.

As she confides to The Daily Mirror, she gets inspired by her father’s tastes, specifically obsessed with the likes of Fleetwood Mac.

The shadiness is emphasized by the presence of the keyboard, setting up a cold atmosphere.

At only 16 years old, Pip Hall can already create her own musical universe, getting ready for her sophomore  EP ‘James’ due for release on 10th March 2017 via My Little Empire Records.





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