Urban Renewal Project – Brass Band With Soul Singers & Rappers

Urban Renewal Project – Brass Band With Soul Singers & Rappers


Some pour new wine into old bottles

Some others teach old dogs new tricks

And some other folks create new sounds with classic instruments of the bygone era.

So do the 13 members of the terrific musical collective, Urban Renewal Project.

Playing traditional instruments, loyal to the brass band spirit,

They take delight fusing Funk with Disco, Soul, Pop and Hip Hop.

The recipe of such a mix of different tastes will consist in:

A golden and explosive brass section, here to breathe out the funk you want,along with the guitar and the bass here to bring out the groove you’re looking for.

The drums accentuate the rhythm suggested by the horns, plus they give power to the strong and soulful voice of the songstress, special guest to bless the track.


This funky atmosphere is perfect to put some Hip Hop vibe in it.

Such a combination, a funky flavor, even disco hints, associated to Hip Hop tastes remind you of the early ages of Rap, in the 80’s, at the era of Grandmaster Flash, or Kurtis Blow,

At a time when Rap was getting more popular than Disco, which itself went more popular than Funk and Soul,

At a time when it would begin to merge, cause Hip Hop creates the new by taking samples of the past.

Now today we know how well all these genres can be combined,

And the Urban Renewal Project is another example of how you can merge Rap Soul and Funk, with a brass section,

Plus paying tribute to the legend of the past, such as Michael Jackson,with tracks likr Armor Love, highly inspired by the vibes of ‘Off The Wall’ era.

Each new single, the band invite a new singer, every time an outstanding one.

This time, for their latest single Armor of Love, Gavin Turek has been the guest, known for her soulful and Disco style.

Urban Renewal Project - Brass Band With Soul Singers & Rappers 1

Urban Project Renewal is about to release their most ambitious project, a new LP, entitled 21st Century Ghost, produced by Neil Wogensen (Valley Queen).

It features nine stunning vocalists, and Gavin Turek is among them.

The message they convey in their music is interesting,

Insisting on the contrast of the past and the progress of the present times its future, and thinking about its consequences on the society:

« 21st Century Ghost was inspired by the profound isolation of this century », confides Enoch,

“Most of the songs discuss different side-effects of society’s efforts over the last 100 years to build a technology-fueled utopia and the ways in which these efforts, which sought to bring us together, have actually further isolated us.”




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