Alex Di Leo – Waking Up To Something New

Drowning in a daily routine, it feels good to wake up, get up and walk up a new journey.

You live and learn, and the longer the journey, the wiser and the better you get at the destination.

Alex Di Leo shares the same way of thinking and shares it through his latest track, Waking Up.

The track is off of his new EP So We Go, out now.

The visual is quite interesting and questioning: we see a young man symbolically bathing in a purgatory,

Rewinding all his memories, and willing to start over, singing for a rebirth, a new awakening.

Another interesting point is the refection of his the artist’s influences:

The way the band is standing in a wide and empty space, almost pure, recalls the videos from Coldplay like In My Place.

We find the same spirit and the same idea in the lyrics from In My Place to Waking Up:

Two singers in introspection, trying to find themselves in their own space, may this place be a pure white and wide empty space, or a purgatory.

This added to the sound, influenced by Arcade & Fire and Coldplay too, which is based on an ethereal hook, sounding like an anthem.


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