Boroughs: Heartfelt Rendition Of Universal Emotions

Boroughs, one blooming Americana musical collective based in Los Angeles

Tells and communicates the depth and wonders of stories that anybody could relate to.

Kyle Neal, the lead singer, writes his personal lyrics in a song on universal emotions such as

Expectations and disillusions, usually pictured by this metaphor of “roller-coaster of life” (mainly in relationships),

While soothingly voicing charismatic renditions of confusion and despair; sides effect of love and heartbreak.

As if the voice wasn’t enough, the guitarist JD Carrera adds a touch of poetic and nostalgic sorrow.

Fortunately, you have the rhythms of bassist Derrick Wong and drummer Tyler Johnson,

To help your heart move on still to the beats.

The drums, besides, really adds the catchy in the song, and helps forget sorrow and focus on the word “Alive”.

“Alive”, is the very first single of the EP of the band Boroughs, coming out this November.

After only a few months of playing Los Angeles area shows, Boroughs caught the attention of engineer/producer Josh Spiker of Tenacious D. Spiker went on to record the band’s self-titled debut EP.

An EP quite personal, as Kyle Neal says : “the EP is inspired by me having a brain that isn’t always happy, altering my state to try to cope with that, making dumb decisions, regretting said decisions and then altering my state to cope.”

Yet, this is with songs such as “Keep it up”, their second single, that you come to understand how much people can relate to.

Indeed, the story behind is about “a reckless youth, denial in that recklessness and struggling to keep it together in a world of expectation”.

Nice discovery straight out of Los Angeles.

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