Djib Stanford: Feeling Life

Gospel mixed with light and delightful Rhythm & Blues vibes

Vibrating to the beats of hip-hop influences that pops along,

Covered up in a jazzy atmosphere, Djib Stanford has chosen the right tone to speak to your Soul.

This singer, writer and producer is sharing something special out of his roller-coaster of life through his Nu-Soul Album titled “Life and Music”.

This album is enjoyable on Deezer:

Some memorable emotions of his; the kind of emotions that makes you feel alive.

This album, reflection of the artist’s vision, is the right example to affirm that Music is synonym of Life, and vice-versa.

Jazz and Soul answering to the call of the piano keys are appreciable since the very first tune, perfectly introducing the conceptual album “Life and Music”.

The Funk he put in the second track “That’s The Way It Is” surprises you, making you cool chill and dance

Just as well as Life does surprise you sometimes.


Latin soul flows as poetic rhythms hit and kick heart-felt emotions, reminding Deja-Vu romantic situations.

This latin vibe might make you think of some Jay Z and Beyoncé’s “Bonnie & Clyde” melodies: story of a boyfriend with his girlfriend.

This Nu-Soul album is globally a positive one, dealing with difficulties of the everyday state of mind and difficulties in personal life

Leading to personal achievement such as forgiveness, important choice making… this album is bathing in the waters of Soul Music’s culture:

Bringing face through harmonious melodies making your life sound way less harmful and much more blissful, inviting you to stay bless.

As this “Life and Music” is about the littlest things that life brings you to be the best moments of your lifetime

Djib Stanford certifies

“For [him] Life and Music are linked. So the best moment of [his] life was touring with [his] band as i was a teenager, and that’s what [he’s] sharing with [his] music in the song from the first album called “Thankful”. In this song [he] explains how [he] felt fortunate and accomplished being able to practice [his] passion in good  conditions, and share as better as [he] can with the public. It’s like feel the joy, then give back joy.”

The top track to suggest you would be: Bran-New-Heart, Sum’Times, That’s The Way It Is, Thankful, Re-Fall in Luv‘, Can I.

Get his full album right here, on I-Tunes:


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