Alicia Keys – Raising A Man, For The Future And For Love

Words from a wife to her husband
Words from a mother to her son
Words from a mother to her daughter that doesn’t really care
Words from a woman building her foyer
Words from a lady aware of her Woman’s Worth
Words from a Black woman eyeing her environment
Well aware of the damages

Caused by the lack of knowledge
On how to raise a real man out of a Black boy,
To grow better and Glow brighter


When K Michelle is singing Can’t Raise A Man, Alicia Keys is asking if it is  okay to love and raise one. On February 11th, 2019, AK released a new single, titled Raise A Man. It’s a new addictive experience, though quite similar to that nostalgic vibe from her classic albums back in the early 2000’s. Simple, ethereal, mesmerizing, pure, smooth and effortless.

The first notes on the piano reminds of Nina Simone’s style, still one of the biggest influences on Alicia’s music.

As simple as the song might sound, the lyrics speak volume, and follow up to the message she’s been preaching through her music towards men and women: woman’s worth, self-awareness, love and protection for a little boy, love and protection from a real man.

An article from the HuffPost opens up about Raising And Loving Up On Black Men. The testimony from a woman reflects the environment and the values many can relate:

“I’ve tried to mother, not smother; love enough so they’d know what love feels like, and “tough love” enough to know there are boundaries, not barriers; and show them that they always need to know authority, give and receive respect, say “thank you,” and lead by example.”

This statement pictures perfectly the message inside Raise A Man by Alicia Keys. 

As the visuals in the video, filmed by La Blogothèque,, gives a feeling of confusion with upside down points of views, and impressions of movements in circle, raising a man is an infinite circle.

“Can’t wait to pass you down
To the face that resembles you and me.”

This a song for real love, a call for real men, and grown women.Many layers can be read from these lyrics:

Raising standards for men and not compromising for a man
‘I’m not just like these other girls I swear”

Finding a man who can Provide, Profess (love) and Protect, according to the 3 P’s of Love from Steve Harvey’s book Think Like A Man, Act Like A Lady.

In other words, building love with a man who can understand and protect from the woman’s weaknesses.

“Is it okay that I’m not independent?
Is it okay that I…
Is it okay that I show weakness? […]

I’ve never been treated a way I didn’t wanna be treated
It’s hard to explain, I know it’s hard to believe
I want what’s comin’ to me
Perfection, protection, please love”


Somebody made a man
To show me how to raise a man (Ooh, ooh)
Raise a man
You can’t be a man
If we don’t raise a man (Ooh, ooh)
Raise a man
If you want a man
Then you gotta raise a man (Ooh, ooh)


Let’s end this with a wink to her outstanding performance in honor of Hazel Scott, as a remembrance during the Black History Month.

Alicia Keys playing 2 pianos during the 61st Grammy Awards Ceremony

Actual tribute to Hazel Scott,American jazz singer playing on two pianos.

She’s the first Black woman to own her TV show., hosting the Hazel Scott Show in 1950. The show stopped for she publicly fought against segregation. The meaning behind Alicia Keys’ performance speaks volume, honoring the Black History Month.




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