Caleborate – Even Better Than The Last Time

Caleborate has been elaborating some sophisticated piece of work

That Black Kid That Raps (TBKTR) is wrapping your mind around his most heartfelt and reckless lyrics and thoughts.

The first time you’ve heard of him, he was spamming the videos of your favorite rappers,

The last time you’ve heard of him, he might have become one of your favorite rappers:

As seduced by a kind of amused curiosity, those who clicked on his link were introduced to his first single, “Anna’s Lament’.

A single extracted from his first album: #theusual

An underground treasure, indeed.

One year passed, and Caleborate gets back, with hid backpack, even better than the last time

Presenting his second single, “El Portal“, one raw and powerful track,

Caleborate - Even Better Than The Last Time 1

This second single, dark and full of energy, follows up his last project: the Winter Break EP.

An EP where you can deeply feel the inspirations that shapes and surrounds the world of this mysterious rapper.

One of the most obvious shall be his J. Cole.

Besides his song “All Mine” over the “January 28th”‘s instrumental, the way he promoted his EP was kind of similar J. Cole

With no single from the EP (excepted an extra track, “I’m Still Alive“), and, with a short documentary movie, with the likes of J. Cole.

What is more, this short movie could explain some tracks of this EP, like “Free Wifi” or “All Mine”,

Displaying another view on social media and materialism.

This exposed also an authentic environment, and illustrates Caleborate’s realness and music based on true stories.

Finally, it shows how humble and close to his fans he can be… cause this all started from a spam…

Now, shall you stay tuned to see what TBKTR has left in his studio booth for you.

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