UJO: Powerful Rebirth Of An Artist


“This EP was made by the synthesis of my emotions during the last months, I was Happy, Sad, Melo extremely fast during this period… And music was my Everything.” – UJO

“Three” is that number that rhymes with “Free”

“Three” is that number that stands for creativity, originality, expression and communication

“Three” is also that one number that inspires vulnerability and emotions.

Therefore, by launching an EP titled “333”, UJO promises to proceed to give his public what it needs:

Some new experience that’ll free your mind.

A new experience, indeed, as UJO indicates us that “333” is also the number for the Rebirth.

A rebirth in his musical world, a rebirth as an artist who used to produce only Hip-Hop music.

In his mind the young artist was dreaming of a new world for his creativity.

He chased this dream, haunting him since November 2014, stepping on brand new basis,

Leaving Hip-Hop aside, dedicating much more time to Electronic Music.

His first step led him to produce and release his first track, which is actually the last track of the 333 EP, “Lay It Down”


Lay It Down, is one good reflection of the kind of experience this EP is willing to introduce.

Really progressive and exploding at the end, UJO confides his inspirations for such a creativity come from the likes of James Blake.

He says “it’s very creative and stripped down, clean”. What is more, the inspiration came from the epiphany he had after his trip to Tunisia.

As far as the other tracks are concerend, they alk reflect a part of his life.

UJO’s style is really personal. Even his name, UJO, which means “Shy” in Finnish, translates one side of his personality.

Childhood is one of the most intimate tracks as it flashes us back all the UJO’s souvenirs as a child, full of peace and melancholia.

The Music is bathing you into a calm and sweet water all over the EP, feeling like Heaven.

To conclude on this EP, the one track that best defines UJO’s personality, is the Right Here.

Right Here is diving your mind in the dark shades of a smoothly seducing with a soothing voice

Which is turning you up with a very rhthmic beat… what an experience.

The EP has just been released this July 13th and is a powerful discovery, indeed!

UJO: Powerful Rebirth Of An Artist 1

Besides, you can enjoy UJO’s music live this week in Lyon, France for a special event organized by the RATCHET LAB, with who UJO has been collaborating for one year to devclop Hip Hop events in Lyon.

You don’t want to miss UJO at RATCHET LAB’s event, this Thursday July 16th 2015 at la Marquise.

To conclude, stay tuned:

Some may think that the 333 EP could be a masterpiece, yet UJO is preparing a a video clip, and, new project;

You never know what to expect from so much creativity…

Marcus Gon

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