Léo Geller: Making The Guitars’ Strings Sing


Among many other fresh French musicians, one young man is to notice:

He’s 16 years old, goes by the name of Léo Geller, and his music on his fingertips makes you feel the electric vibes that rock his mind.

In his mind: colorful pieces from which he gets you imaginative compositions.

If Rock’n’Roll, and Jimi Hendrix’s Soul are the main winds that blow his mind, before blowing yours,

You shall appreciate that Jazz and Funk inspire him too, as well as Blues… as you may notice here:


In his whole work, already good and poetic to the ears, he’s endlessly looking for improvement, working on his skills, as Skills Still Appeal.

He combines genres, fusion them, collaborate with people… doing the musician’s journey, as simple as it is.

Appreciate here all his different works, from Rock project, to jam sessions:


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