Hayley Cassidy: The Quest Of A Better-Self

As well as Dora Martin, Jay Prince, Ella Martini, Marie Dahlstom… you name it,

Hayley Cassidy is a new breath breathing on the London Neo-Soul and RnB’s landscape

From the voice of a young singer standing for the future of Music, bringing on her unique style, her own shape,

The shape of a young, modern and independent girl, learning to become a natural woman from her different encounters in life that helped her build her womanhood

Carrying a stripped-back heart upon a heart-felt 12 -track-album titled ‘Stripped‘ that you can get yourself for free:

Honestly, this album has its own color.

For instance, the sound you hear in her single ‘Stripped’ is enjoyable due to her light voice of a singer that enjoys herself,

Flying over the simple hits of the piano keys and a catchy beat.

Now here’s a whole one another beat, with ‘Life After You’, bringing warm Caribbean vibes

As you may notice, love and relationship are kind of the main lands of her music universe.

Indeed, as Hayley Cassidy confides: “Umm…I would probably put it down to my encounters with love and relationships. This is all a learning curve for me – growing with something and learning more about myself in the process – it’s a big deal to me and i’m sure to everyone else that consider themselves new to love and accepting love. So love and relationships amongst other things in life, but this will definitely be a big contributing factor.”

Recently, her talent and her work had her deserve  the UE Award 2014 for ‘Favourite Female Singer’:


Having discovered her through one of the jam sessions organized by the Jam-Tart Sessions, may this short video give you another good reason to see her perform:

To conclude, and with a kind of Xmas gift, enjoy Hayley Cassidy’s last record, the best of her:

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