Franck Carducci – Tearing Your Mind Apart

“And when she needs to shelter from reality she takes a dip in my daydreams” (Arabella – Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys).

Franck Carducci invites you so to dive in his mysterious world, artificial universe made of Artificial Paradises,

Inspiring some Artificial Love letting you daydream of the Muse that could be your perfect Girlfriend For A Day.

Working with the legendary Steve Hackett, member of the band Genesis, the band considered as the creators of Progressive Rock,

Franck has mastered this art of composing complex structures, with different atmospheres, blowing your mind away from one place to one another

Driving you to a one-of-kind Journey Through The Mind, riding his twelve-strings guitar,

Played by five light fingers heavily inspired by the spirits of five kings of Rock: Pink-Floyd; Genesis; The Beatles; Supertramp; Led Zeppelin.

Franck Carducci appears in your ears as an eerie and lyric voice full of emotional poetry

Powerfully screaming from above the sky of your imagination

Putting a spell on you, calling you to climb up the stairways to a musical Heaven.

Plus he does add some funk and Gospel in it with all the clever play of instruments, from the keyboard to the bass, linking the rhythms to the melodies,

Helping in the transitions to the different music movements and atmospheres.

Alice’s Eerie Dream, Single extracted from Franck’s first album, titled ‘Oddity‘, revisiting the fairy tale of Alice in Wonderland,

Was a great example of this so-called invitation to a mysterious and strange world.

Getting inspired from the Oddity was even more clever, as it is the perfect metaphor to show that music composing can actually be considered as story-telling, most of all through the instruments.

This musical work is kind of like a novel trapping secrets chapters after chapters and you’re thrilled to discover all over it;

And you end up trapped in this psychedelic story, psychedelic music, psychedelic rock.

What is more, as an artist, he and his band are into sharing something special, original, with their public, making the event worth it, and creating a real experience.

Any true artist shall relate to this statement: “Performing live is creating a moment” (Erykah Badu), and creating your own moment and sharing unique emotions, is the best way to let out your signature as an artist.

To best-illustrate this, the official trailer of Franck Carducci’s last tour is the good example:


Torn Apart is the brand new album by Franck Carducci, and this will eventually be out on January 9th

This album tastes more colorful to the mind, plus, the official Torn Apart video clearly displays its psychedelic atmospheres, with the images created as the sounds and the rhythms go on.

The Track List is the following:

1 Torn Apart
2 Closer to Irreversible (feat. Steve Hackett)
3 Journey Through the Mind
4 Artificial Love
5 A Brief Tale of Time
6 Girlfriend for a Day
7 Mr. Hyde & Dr. Jekyll
8 Artificial Paradises
9 School [Bonus Track]

You can pre-order it here:

Physical CD:
FR :
NL :…
GER :…

As January 9th will be a special day, Franck Carducci and his fabulous team are preparing a great concert to launch their album.

After what you saw in the video trailer of their last tour, you sure do not want to miss this special event!

That’ll be in France, in Lyon., at the RADIANT. Get your tickets already, here

franck au radiant



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