21 Outs: Irish Rock Has Got Three Aces Up Its Sleeve

This past Friday 12th December, the Kelly’s Pub, in Lyon, never felt so lucky to have ’21 Outs’ play 3 terrific sets.

This Irish trio, whose band name directly got inspired from a passion for Poker, where the maximum outage for ‘flop’ is 21,

Lights from the burning fire in Phillip Cassidy’s voice and guitar, supported by the hot strings of Keith Higgins’ bass, 

Surrounded by the beats of Omid Valizadeh, real fireballs on the drums.

The band is currently touring all around Europe to promote their brand new EP titled ‘Your Day’.

your day tour

The group is truly sharing lots of love and warming energy through their vivid gigs,

Energy felt in the powerful voice of Philip Cassidy

Energy felt in the playful audience, receptive to what musicians have to give, and,

Quickly getting the feeling that these good vibes and emotions ’21 Outs’ provides seem to be kind addictive:

As you generally hear the public screaming for an Encore.

What is enjoyable with this band, is the proximity they install with their public, and their very friendly image;

No wonder why their fan base keeps on growing.

After one first successful album, this EP, ‘Your Day’ (needless to add that it may make your day), is the perfect transition before another album in project.

Indeed, ‘Your Day’ is a good reflection of what is yet to expect, which invites you to dig a little bit more in this EP,

Full of breaking riffs, rocking rhythms, melancholic melodies, and even harmonies from violins and saxophones.

Its storytelling teases curiosity and interest as each song title matches something from the cover of this EP:

Solution” for instance, is to link with the leaning head of the skeleton, stuck in a bubble, endlessly thinking, seeking a solution.

Or, the quite sad/melancholic song “Been Through Worse“, whose beat is kicking like a heartbeat is to link to the red heart of the skeleton…

Many other codes are to decode, but the pleasure is more enjoyable when you guess them on your own.

Enjoy the freaking and reviving energy of this band, live: 21 Outs everyone!


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