Sierra Blax | that song when you’re a mess but still love yourself #Scorpio

Love songs for Scorpio

Scorpio – Being resourceful, brave and passionate may explain why Scorpios enjoy complex melodies and music that is deep. From electronic tunes, jazz, R&B, and even romantic songs, they are very diversified. They also enjoy listening to a lot of show tunes. (source: Ambient Mixer)

If you’re into astrology and a Scorpio, Sierra Blax‘ music is made for you. Her latest single,‘It’s Not You It’s Me’ (INYIM), is pretty much based on the life of a Scorpio in all its glory. That’s typically the type of song you want to listen to when you know how much of a hot mess you are, but still try to love yourself.

“During quarantine, I kind of got infatuated with horoscopes and each sign’s characteristics. When you look up someone’s sign, you’ll always find cons about their personality traits and as a scorpio, you’ll find more negatives than positives. I thought it would be cool to write a song that sheds light on all the flaws that make me, ME!, Sierra explains in an interview.

The whole groove in INYIM sounds as catchy as ever and turns your life into a musical. The tune makes you forget how much of a weirdo one Scorpio can be. Sierra Blax wants to show people that it’s ok to make mistakes, embrace it and turn it into a comedy and art. Altough things get embarrassing, there’s a beauty in this.

Scorpios are said to be as passionate as vulnerable when it comes to love. Bold but private, mysterious but demanding, they try their best not to make everything okay for everyone, not willing to hurt anyone. If things go wrong, eventually they could say something like “it’s not you, it’s me” (INYIM).

That’s the actual history behind the word kawaii, in Japanese, which means sweet, but used to refer to something awkward (kawayushi). Kawaii girl born and raised in Kaua’i island, Hawaii, Sierra Blax shines bright like a twilight. From hair to toe, the colorful singer-songwriter rocks her favorite colors: yellow, blue, green and mainly, pink. The color pink could either mean sweet, like kawaii, or delicate and romantic, like her music.

Songs like Just For Now and Good Type of Love, are actually smooth and romantic tunes, written with rawness and honesty.

Sierra Blax | that song when you're a mess but still love yourself #Scorpio 1

“I wanted to write songs that were unapologetic, fun and audacious; we are so used to female singers sugar coating things, and I wanted to represent that female empowerment in my songwriting.”

INYIM is yet the latest example, produced with Tim Rose (cowriter and producer) and it features a tight rhythm section of Art Johnson on Drums (Skyler Steckler), Orlando Thompson on Bass (Eric Gales), Tim Rose on guitars (Allen stone, Sophistafunk), and D on keys. It is a playful yet sassy tune, with a taste for R&B and Neo-Soul sound. It has this chill but although dancing and trendy side with the funky bassline and grove production.

Aesthetics and visuals tinted with shades of pink recall the likes of Doja Cat.

Singing with all the complexion in your voice

Sierra Blax learnt how to sing by practising every week with a local teacher, before studying music in Hawaii college. She described the last experience as hard and difficult, which hopefully didn’t made her gave up.

She quoted as inspirations Jazmine Sullivan (read our album review) and Amy Winehouse, and said that she loves how singers nowadays are using all the complexion of their voices, which gave her the motivation to do the same.She began to write songs about the wild experiences she would encounter in her early 20’s.

Sierra Blax is an artist that brings a fresh taste of soul, chill-pop & R&B to all her songs. She brings sunshine into our lives and despite that, makes us feel confident.

An artist to follow closely…

Sierra Blax | that song when you're a mess but still love yourself #Scorpio 2

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