Songs For The Birds: Collection Of Love Songs

While feeling all so blue when softly falls the morning dew

On those juicy wet fruits that peaceful little birds pick and peck

In front of romantic couples giving each other pecks on the cheeks,

Khaled  Dajani‘s voice loudly screams his emotions for his baby love to “Stay“.

“Stay” is all bluesy song sang with an heartfelt voice that recalls the thrill of Jack White’s.

This is the first single of Khaled Dajani’s 6 tracks EP, “Volume 1”, for his new project, “Songs for the birds”,

A collection of loving ballads, pop and folk songs.

Vibes here are best to rest in a comfy nest, feeling as light and free as a singing bird.

“I like to write music with intention and for it to be part of a bigger concept. Songs for the Birds was born out of the intention to write love songs purely based on melody and simple arrangements.” says that brainchild of New York City based musician, Khaled Dajani.

This record is a new (artistic) migration for Dajani, after fifteen years of  fusing Rock with Middle Eastern, Spanish and other worldly sounds.

That’s why a new project is interesting, for an artist ; flying over a second wind.

“Just like with everything, you learn and evolve over time. It’s a breath of fresh air for me to do something different from previous projects. You have to keep an open mind and explore all possibilities. And this is just the first volume. I’m aiming for a few more.”

Songs for the Birds’ “Volume 1” will be released worldwide to digital distributors on November 2 nd 2015. A release party will take place on November 4 th , 8:30 p.m. at New York City’s Rockwood Music Hall’s Stage 1.


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