Not Afraid To Trust Love Again with Delilah Montagu’s ‘Baby’

Baby, I’ve been selfish lately,
But stay one more night

‘I’m All Yours’ by Delilah Montagu

Love shines bright in her sky. The 23 years old London-based singer-songwriter released her new EP ‘Baby’ on July 23rd.

To us, ‘Baby’ is the logical continuation of her second EP (‘This Is Not a Love Song’), released earlier this year.

Brightness was a part of her first EP. However, melancholia and sadness influenced the color blue of her next EP’s cover. In ‘This Is Not a Love Song’, she told us how hard it is to admit how bad a relationship can be. She found out growing up was complex as well. Delilah Montagu ended this project by saying she was ready to open up and reveal her true colors.

Delilah Montagu

There’s been a huge shift for me in my ability to express myself, says Delilah. I used to be so afraid of being a woman, ashamed of feeling sexual, scared of falling in love, but I’m embracing it all with this EP.

She now seems to have done a pretty good job of it. ‘Baby’ is much more joyful and colorful than her last projects. Its cover is also a good hint. It’s indeed the first time we see her outside. She’s not looking at the camera, but she’s closing her eyes as the sun shines on her face. 

Her hair is flaming red, and her eye shadow is golden. She seems at peace with herself and what’s coming for her. She’s ready to accept and embrace whatever comes now. She even says it loud and clear with the name of the 7th track: “I wanna FEEL”. She’s not taking 1 step forward and 3 steps back. She’s going in now.

Delilah Montagu’s excitement of being with someone

According to Delilah Montagu, ‘Baby’ is about “becoming infatuated with someone you’ve only just met… all the ups and downs of new love”. The music video for her leading single ‘Coming for Ya’ shows her smiling. She’s also having fun as multiple couples share the screen.

She seems carefree as she lets her emotions guide her. She’s not holding herself back, and it makes her happy. Expressing what she feels even makes her want to experience some things she might not do before: “(Ah) I wanna start a fight Just to see if you’re mine Or have I crossed the line”. She’s allowing herself to be outgoing and to have fun; she’s not thinking how the start of a relationship could also be scary.

Being brave enough to surrender to someone

She’s only focusing on the positive, and that’s what we hear in the outro too. Solo guitar, bell rings, and fireworks are here to express feelings unspeakable in words. With ‘Baby’, Delilah finally shows her true self, and she’s not ashamed to do it. Love reveals her passion and sensuality, and she encourages us to do the same.

I’ve had girlfriends and boyfriends, but I don’t identify strongly with being gay, straight, or bisexual, says Delilah. I now know that this fluidity can be freeing. It doesn’t mean I’m confused and I don’t need a label.

Some songs are not as cheerful as this one on the EP. ‘Lost Keys’, ‘Stay Here’ or ‘bye bye’ and their slower rhythms contrast with the EP. They’re here to show love isn’t always what we thought; once the honeymoon phase is over, events can take an unexpected turn. But that doesn’t mean love doesn’t worth the shot.

We don’t know what’s in store next for Delilah Montagu, but these 3 EPs represent an all-embracing trilogy to understand women’s lives, struggles, and choices in this society.

Mélanie Domergue

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