Sophie DeBattista: Catchy Energy Popping From Malta To Shake London Up

Sophie DeBattista! A 20-year old phenomenon catching your attention, teasing your curiosity, and jazzing your feelings.

This young girl from Malta, she’s studying in London, at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, while hard working for her singer/songwriter career.

In her single “Beer Googles”, the light lyrics reflect the highlights of partying and all the fun it shall involve.

All this fun and joyfulness are quite well illustrated in the strongly vibrating guitar strings and the popping sticks drums producing a very catchy beat

Supporting Sophie’s vocals.

Studying Contemporary Music, she must-know about performance, as all her life, she’s been sharing her talent in live.

You may understand the meaning  Sophie allocates to “Music For Life”  when you see her singing from her very early ages.

Back in 2006, at around 12 years old, she Sophie DeBattista was giving an outstanding show in Malta, at the Junior Eurovision.

Last year, in 2014, she made a nice impression on the Malta Music Awards 2014, and charming th British audience the same year at The Brit Awards Night 2014:

More recently she was playing at this such prestigious venue, The Roof Gardens, in London, and charmed with her pleasant voice, warming everybody up.

This young Pop singer/songwriter sure deserves to be heard.

Besides, more shall come up for 2015: keeping banging in the Pop music industry.


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