Joe Johnson New Single «Promise» takes us on a Dreamy Love Ride

« Promise me no promises », Demi Lovato sang in her featuring with Cheat Codes, No Promises. Well, we are here to explain the exact opposite of this statement, with the point of view of no one else than Joe Johnson with his amazing new single, Promise.

Johnson is  from Portsmouth, UK and a very talented singer/songwriter, as his previous songs « Key to my smile » and « Too Blind » proved it.

He aims to create music which is melodic, with astonishing lyrics and a real meaning behind it. These are the reasons which led him to sign with Mayfield Records, whom is said to host a certain amount of live-streamed music events throughout 2021, where you could watch Joe Johnson performs his work at its finest.

He is now debuting the year with a brand new song, untitled « Promise », which is no less than our favorite love song already.

First the fact his voice and universe reminds us of The Lumineers (it’s croaky, deep, unique, conveys the emotions perfectly) and sound, peaceful, relaxing, pure, beautiful simply.

It carries the message of trust being build step by step through the relationship, and doubts which are faded away thanks to this trust.

« So many things are be meaning to say », « My feelings for you are growing everyday », « I don’t know where we going, I don’t know where you’ve been, you keep my mind overflowing » highlights the fact the singer is truly in love, with someone who remains hesitant and a little bit afraid of the feelings she has (« I promise you that it will all be ok » « I promise you you will not be alone »). He however reassures her, proving this love is good and beautiful. Aren’t it this dreamy?

In the end, love is a promise in itself, that you will respect and take well care of your partner and Joe Johnson told us that perfectly with Promise.

Camille Laval

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