KayFaraway closes up 2020 with first mixtape « Set It Off »

If you didn’t know, now you know. KayFaraway is an artist to watch in years to come. The UK rising star, started 2020 with the song « 10th wonder » and closes up the year even stronger with the release of his first mixtape Set It Off.

Throughout the year, he previewed the project with singles « Crazy Ride », « P’s & Q’s » and « You & Me ».

If the three singles give a great idea of KayFaraway‘s range, you’ll understand, as soons as the project starts, that there’s much more depth and hybridity to his artistry.

On the very first track « Set It Off », he proves how assured and yet commanding he can be as an MC. In a brilliant series of line that documents his state of mind and where he’s at, he confesses :

« Wonder where I’d be now if I gave up on me actually/hardly known in my town, I’m the rose from the ground ».

Song after song, KayFaraway showcases his ability to rhyme and sing with ease. The best example is the soothing « Checked Out » in which he shines all over a superb beat cooked up by talented producer Cay Caleb.

From his Rap/R’n’b mixture, KayFaraway has crafted an elegant sound. In his repertoire, the trap/soul vibes find a perfect filiation with ballads and caribbean influences.

Moreover, he found clever ways to flip the script by using interludes and by switching beats on tracks such as « Wishes » and « Flying Colours ».

All those qualities, amplified by a well-tought out sequencing, speak to KayFaraway‘s vision for a project elaborated in-house with friend and peer ROMderful who produces 12 out of the 13 tracks.

This ain’t a rolling stone life that I been feeding to, lonely but not solo man, I need the group, need the crew (When The Spirits Talks)

To a sophisticated sonic palet, KayFaraway brings a striking form of writing that documents his inner-world, his inner-thoughts. Hence, the trials of love relationships meet those of inner turmoil while striving for success.

The best artists make listerners feel like they’re a part of something, KayFaraway sure makes us feel like we are witnessing a very important step in his musical journey.

Playing off his rich influences, KayFaraway delivered a complete and immersive work that breaks with the numerous playlist-oriented projects of our time.

Alfred Dilou

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