Caitlin Eadie Rises Up For Racial Justice & Mental Health

“HOPE is the pillar that holds up the world
PEACE is the dream of this waking girl”. – Caitlin Eadie, Half Step

This Friday June 19th, Nashville-based singer-songwriter Caitlin Eadie released new single, entitled Rise Up, in the thick of the darkest of times.

Back in the days, Caitlin Eadie was already writing beautiful lyrics that translated desperate messages of hope. Half Step, off of her debut album, Balancing Act, previously reviewed along a past interview.

Lone in a wild world, walking accross Warpath, singer-songwriter Caitlin Eadie best knows how to pen about her pain, either physical or mental.

Lately she opened up about these current events, all saddening, infuriating, troubling, and the list goes on. The world has been under great anxiety.

Helpless, the only way for Caitlin to cope with this anxiety was to let her voice Rise Up against depressive thoughts. She’s released a brand new single, actually an open letter addressed to a sick nation.

With a voice so smooth that it could be compared to the likes of Joy Crookes, Caitlin Eadie is calling one nation to rise anew under one love. This sounds like an anthem from a waking girl who dreams of peace and solidarity.

The songwriting feels incredibly light and serene despite the heavy load of the daily news, you can tell how therapeutic and heartwarming the creative process have been.

Caitlin kindly explained us the backstory of this new song.

“This song was written around the very beginning of April, as COVID-19 emptied streets.

Nashville had been demolished by a tornado and we all had gigantic question marks in our heads about what the future looked like.

I think I wrote what I needed to hear at the time. I needed hope to carry on and I was watching so many people in my community taking care of each other.

We were standing in the aftermath of a deadly tornado, and in the beginning of a pandemic, still hand in hand.

I set the release a month out from the day I got the song back from mastering, not realizing the significance.

A week later, George Floyd was murdered and from that point on it’s been daily learning, mourning and figuring out how I can help make the world better than it is, in my own small way.

Most days it’s been hard staying positive but Audre Lorde’s words keep resurfacing in my head “I am not free while any [person] is unfree, even when [their] shackles are very different from my own.

I think of that, I get back to songwriting and I hope that my words can be a revolution of love, unity and hope in a time where the world needs change and healing”.

Love, solidarity, empathy and education… these were the keys for Caitlin to emerge on the surface, and make a step past this apocalyptic sight of the world that surrounds her. The darker your environment gets, the brighter the tiniest spark of light shine.

The littlest signs of hope and progress happen to a humongous boost of energy. That’s why Caitlin gives all her energy in the release of this single. What is more, she will be donating my proceeds from this song to The Loveland Foundation and to the Legal Defense Fund. 

Caitlin Eadie Rises Up For Racial Justice & Mental Health 1

Supporting social change through music! That’s the motto!

Marcus Gon

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