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Remarkable singer-songwriter, and producer, Breana Marin wrote for the likes of Keyshia Cole, Brandy and Fifth Harmony. CEO of Love Pulse Music, a reputed collective of songwriters and producers providing radio ready beats with hooks and vocal kits, she’s a charismatic and respected entrepreneur in Los Angeles.

One of the best example to highlight the strength of her artistry lies in the superb reference hook she laid on a Dream Life Beats production called « Radar ». Almost 4 years after its release, a dozen of artists have built around the singer’s hook to make their own version of « Radar ».

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« I love to inspire, motivate and relate » Breana Marin

In parallel with her music career, Breana Marin displays, through different initiatives, a desire to be of service to others, and unveil the entrepreneur spirit in evey aspiring artist. On her Youtube channel she shares many tips on songwriting and reveal her own creative process. Those videos speak to her natural ability to find melodies. Often, she stresses how important it is to be relatable with words, so that they can truly connect with people.

How to write a hook

There is truly a science behind our favorite songs. If music evolves and takes on many forms with time, what has never changed is the pivotal role of a hook. A perfect hook will take a song to a higher plateau, it is the central piece that’ll enable a song not only to perform in numbers but also to become a part of our lives. When it comes to that specific art, Breana Marin is rightfully described as a connoisseur, behind her latest single we can see that she has a lot to share, many stories to tell and many more moments to create with us.


Breana Marin’s original music

Entrepreneur yes, yet a singer and composer first and foremost. The value she brings to other songwriters and the building of her company in the Music industry actually showcase all of her work as a recording artist.

« I don’t know if you know this bout’me/ but there’s so much more than you see underneath the surface » Breana Marin 

Just by taking a deeper look at the musical landscape you’ll find different perspectives, different paths impactful enough to make you understand that there are different ways to « make it ».

A year after « Outside Looking In » the talented indie R&B artist comes back with new single « Work ». In regards to the song, the singer-songwriter explained: « It’s about being in a relationship long past the honeymoon stage. The point we reach where each person’s true colors are revealed and you have to decide if you’re going to put the effort in to make it work »

Produced by Dylan Graham, Coop The Truth and BNJMNA, « Work » mixes uncluttered R&B with Caribbean influences. From the get-go, Breana Marin occupies the space with a refined vocal performance that fruitfully complements her songwriting. Setting a relaxing mood, the singer delicately breathes the very words that one can say to a lover when it’s time to examine a relationship.

Relatable, straight to the point, « Work » is a testament to Breana Marin’s authentic artistry.

Breana Marin - Work - Single

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