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She was back again and she was the highlight of Bedroom’s gigs, the delight of the week!

Young Charlene is one huge (neo) soul revelation. Her debut album ‘Good Day’ made some noise thus far

As each single songs sound marvelous… I can hear Diana Krall sing ‘Too Marvelous For Words’.

The instrumental composition of the song, the work of the voice… everything reminds of what is the meaning of jazzy sounds and soulful flavors.

Last time I‘ve  seen her at Jazz Café Camden.

When I chatted with her at the Bedroom Bar, she confirmed me the feeling she has each time she comes up on the stage: that little anxiety any good and real artist feels.

But, after one deep breath taken she goes on a breathtaking performance!

Shy girl at first, wild soul then; loving that ‘Second Nature’ that blazes the place.

Her musicians, mainly the drummer, if you’re a drummer, will make your day,

Since they were playing live for you “Good Day’ album.

This album, this gig, this whole package, was the proof that, as Erykah Badu said,

“Performing live is creating a moment” and this is, as well, one emotional experience

An experience for you public, an experience for you artists…

Talking about Erykah Badu, you may notice Charlene’s influence in this video: the bass sounds like in ‘Certainly’ by Erykah Badu.

By the way, the first time I heard her I thought of Corinne Bailey Rae…

But she has her very own style, by far.


Marcus Gon

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