Simone Michelle

She was called Simone Michelle or SimSimMichelle by her friends.

“Amazing; that was what the evening was about to be, from the start to the end.

Bracing herself, she took one first breath and then

Sang the blues of her soulful lyrics, and blew people’s mind

Sitting in a romantic place such as the Bedroom Bar,

And listening to incorrigibly romantic lyrics.

Lyrics either describing the pain of love

Or the pain of lack of love.

Melodies she sang with a  guitar sounding so beautiful

Emphasized how much this pain hurts so bad,

But feels so good at the same time… isn’t it mad?

Isn’t it mad for one hurt loving heart,

Missing tender loving care and getting unglamorously drunk in love

Trying to forget such a ‘Pain In A Bottle’

Even when the pain’s gone too deep?

Graving for ever scars in her soul you can hear weep…

But not for too long as her soul keeps singing that it ‘Gotta rise again’

‘Gotta keep movin’, keepin’ movin’ on up.”

… Well, that text seems to be what inspired my mind when listening to Simone Michelle’s songs…

Listen, and appreciate her style, as she sounds quite well, indeed!


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