Icarus Moth Has Taken A New Shift In His Music With “Perfect Outfit”

New-York-based producer Icarus Moth teams up with LA-Based Pop Songstress Wit Blu on new single release Perfect Outfit

Perfect Outfit is the first release for Wit Blu since her single  Burgundy , a well-received jazz-pop anthem, produced with the LA-based GEO and remixes by PusherBout, and KNKS.

The combination of Wit Blu’s light vocals over Icarus’ stripped down production and playful melodies, bring a cheerful feeling to the listening experience.

The release also marks a new artistic direction as Icarus Moth, most known for the darker electronic production that gave wings to Mothica hits such as Don’t and Reputation , embraces a lighter and more upbeat tone.

[Perfect Outfit] was written, recorded, and produced at Bedrock Studios in L.A. We wrote the song in just one session, then set it aside. So much has been going on right now, so we’re so excited to share something more upbeat and uplifting.

Both Icarus Moth and Wit Blue hope to provide some relief to the tumultuousness of our day-to-day, with even more planned for 2020.

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