Daniela Brooker – The Beauty In Crossover Latin R&B Music

From Bogota to London
Thousands words in thousands languages
Two people burn of the same fire of desire
Only one way to picture love and passion
This is Body Language

Daniela Brooker’s new single, “Body Language” is a blast of delightful sensations.

“I just want people to get lost in the music for those three minutes and feel good”, states Daniela Brooker.

The sound of the guitar softly embraces the warmth in her voice and suggests a sensual dance before comes the groove of the drums. Seductive vocals with colorful nuances make you feel like falling for fatale infatuation.

Plus the mix of language, from English to Spanish adds a cute touch to the tune. Such writing emphasizes how playful talking different (body) language can be. That’s the beauty of crossover latin music.

Daniela added, “The song [“Body Language”] is about how it doesn’t matter where you are from or the language you speak when you have true chemistry and attraction.”

Body Language” was co-written by Grammy Award winning producer, Julio Reyes Copello (Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Ricky Martin, Nelly Furtado) and Nicolas De La Espriella.

The single has been recorded in Miami, Florida. She recently filmed the music video in Bogata, Colombia.

With that being said, this Venezuelan vocalist is based in London, England. A couple weeks ago she recorded a rendition for ‘Jealous‘ by Labrinth.

Body Language” could potentially garner attention comparable to Daniela’s breakout music video, “Mariposas” which has gained more than three million views since dropping in September.

Enjoy Brooker’s beautiful songwriting:

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