Lisabel – Love In Bossa Nova

You’re My Relief” by singer-songwriter Lisabel is anotha letter to your nova lova. If really rhythm is love, sure this should sound like bossa.

Never short of surprises when it comes to songwriting, Lisabel cleverly blends latin groove with neo-soul and jazz.

A smooth fusion of genres. The bossa nova moves inspire joyful emotions. The unexpected rhythm switches give the track more life.

The more she plays with time (laid back), the more depth she adds to the overall rendition.

Lisabel and her musicians are expert in this.

A Moog’s solo and a huge vocal breakdown accompanied by a Dave Smith’s prophet synth pad are yet again another element, as suggestive and sexy as surprising.

Right when things seem to shut off, a smooth piano interlude kicks in, plays on, then lightly leads the song to one delightful healing neo-soul outro.

‘You’re My Relief’ actually is all about; that sense of lightness you feel when you’re in love.

‘You’re My Relief’ was recorded at Konk Studios in early 2018.

It was written by Lisabel and produced by Brother Sun Sister Moon Productions (Nikola Kovačević) and Lisabel Biscaldi.

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