Maitri – All About Creation And Innovation In The Musical Landscape

Reflection and contemplation, 

Eyes search for light and elevation,

Just like trees do in the morning dew,

A cloudy sky might announce the Good Time to be on Cloud nine

High on life, rooted in Brooklyn, Maitri blooms and soothes with the smoothest tunes.

Maitri (“my tree”), translated from Sanskrit, inspires unconditional friendship and acceptance of yourself that extends outward to the world.

Formed by singer-songwriter, flutist and saxophonist Caroline Davis and Ben Hoffmann (voice/keyboards), the call of the band is to embrace both the hardship and ecstasy of life through song.

This mission became a collective songwriting journey, blending Soul, R&B and indie influences, having Saw Weber playing the bass and Jay Sawyer on the drums.

As a result they’ve released two new songs this Septembre 15th, titled Clouds and Good Time, from their upcoming new album.

They perform best at creating and cultivating a sound different, quite one-of-a-kind.

We lately talked about innovation in the musical landscape, along our interview with Emanuel Harrold, and Maitri is one these bands working at the core of music innovation, always searching new sounds and new rhythms. They play with tempo and harmonies in quite a stunning way.

Surrealist and inspired along creative improvisation sessions, it seems that Maitri aims at playing with its listeners’ energy. Their music goes from contemplative to spontaneous and frenetic.

Actually, the more you listen to their tunes, the more you understand their mission statement: “embrace both the hardship and ecstasy of life through song.”

The best way to illustrate is to consider their numerous collaborations.

One of their recent track features the outstanding guitarist Andrew Bailie. 

Bailie plays with Cory Henry for Cory Henry & The Funk Apostles, and we’ve already heard of him, he was featuring on Emanuel Harrold’s latest smooth and funkadelic single Luv Hurt.

Andrew Bailie is known for bringing a special psychedelic and funky sound on the guitar, which perfectly matches a track initially Soul. It even allows a powerful progression for the songwriting.

Hide It, catchy piece by Maitri is a great tune to illustrate it and showcase the work of a collaborative songwriting.

Along Hide It, you can also acknowledge the powerful rhythmic section powered by Saw Weber on the bass and Jay Sawyer on the drums, emphasized by Ben Hoffmann on the keys.

matri music


Hide It, Good Time, both feature Andrew Bailie, and are both extracted from Maitri’s After Glow album, out November 3rd.

In this album can be appreciated their master piece, Clouds. This song a moment to close your eyes and open your mind.

The keys rock your world, and the flute blows your mind. Caroline Davis’ vocals are nothing but inspiration in this song.

After Glow is mixed by Rahm Sliverglade (altopalo, Kiah Victoria) in Brooklyn and mastered by Doug Saltzman (Denmark Vessey, Sidewalk Chalk).

This album follows their colorful Neo-Soul debut album From Within which also features a love for Hip-Hop and Rap/Jazz.
Listening to tracks like The Bee, or You Have Said To Me makes you feel like jamming among the likes of great Neo-Soul/Jazz/Fusion musicians.

After such a beautiful work, After Glow is highly anticipated.

Working hard on their release show for November, they always offer a one-of-a-kind experience when they’re live.



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