Kelvin Frazier – The Definition Of A True Renaissance Man

They say people hide their life and soul right in the corner of their eyes.

When you look at this man, you’ll see that he’s lived more than one life

You’ll guess his experiences along his lifespan and all the times he began a new life.

He’s been there, he’s done that

He’s another proof that anything is possible, he’s a Renaissance Man

This man goes by the man of Dr. Kelvin M. Frazier. Georgia native, Los Angeles based, Kelvin has spent his last years working as a chemist, technology consultant and entrepreneur.

Gospel Music has been part of his upbringing, so the passion for singing never shut off. He’s got a great experience in performing in church choirs, as well as solo.

Considering all the areas he’s managed to master, Dr Kelvin Frazier can call himself a Renaissance Man, which is actually an erudite, a person whose expertise covers numerous and various areas.

Going back to music, the man amazes with his high notes and vibrato along his debut track, Conquer All, perfect piece to introduce his skills and artistry.

Conquer All is a song with a message, a piece for Love and understanding. This is an actual social commentary expressed in one soulful way. 

The slow tempo and progression of the instrumental production highlights the strength of his voice, here standing for the power of love and compassion.

To conclude, Dr Kelvin M. Frazier is that fresh and soulful R&B discovery that’ll inspire you to own your life and do whatever you will – conquer your life.

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