Crossfire -Two Voices For Humanity



Facing a new landscape, and escaping what they used to know 

Penning the words that can cross both their minds,

And singing along all kind of uplifting songs

Which sound like prayers to heal saddened and broken souls,

Allison Mareek and Etienne Prieuret gather to form a duo and  perform CrossFire.

Inviting you to ride and fly on mellow feathers, Crossfire is a duo to provide calm, peace of mind and cool vibes.

(A video is coming soon…)



Etienne, first guitarist for American blues man Keith B. Brown brings the Folk mood, with a bit of Blues, and keeping it Country in his play of guitar.

Allison, who previously sang the ending song “Sound of Silence” to the movie “L’Emprise”, writes the lyrics, and breathes out her Pop style.

She and he together made four original tracks,

Mixed by Michael Harrison, (sound engineer of instrumental fusion band Snarky Puppy) and Arnaud Bascuñana from Ten Day Records Studio, the CrossFire EP,

Already released March 16th.

They may be from France, yet they spread their music and its message overseas,

Having toured in Europe and in America, from Toronto, to New York.

One song to move in particular the audience, is their track ‘Empty Minds And Prayers‘,

A thoughtful song for the victims of terrorism. This song is like actually like a prayer, an anthem,

A cry for peace and freedom, a voice for Humanity.

That’s why they’ll play a benefit festival in November called “Play For Humanity”, for the victims of terrorism.

Listen to their EP on Deezer!


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