KAALM -Music For Contemplation


… Before you figure it out,

Time flows by, quite as fast as the water under the bridge

Quite as fast as the light of the Sun going down early,

As early as the Orange Moon, rising up, and reflecting the last lights of the sun,

Introducing to another season…

This kind of landscape would make a contemplative poet write then sing

‘Give me back all those years I was lost; Give me back the time’.

TIME, is the debut single of this exciting yet intriguing, powerful and colorful, gentle and sorrowful new neo-soul band from Malmö, Sweden, KAALM,as confides the band to Scandinavian Soul.

KAALM makes music for contemplation,

They offer a suggestive piece of work, out of a colorful concept, which tends to be a very interesting experience, this is almost surrealist, eerie.

Overwhelmed by the vibes, summer in your eyes, you can visualize 1,2,3,4 stars in this beautiful constellation that is KAALM:

This constellation is made of a dreamy singer-songwriter, main composer, and bassist named Karolina Almgren.

Karolina could definitely be the Swedish version of Esperanza Spalding, indeed. The vocals and the depth of her composition offers something as enjoyable as Esperanza’s.

The three other stars are Filip Bensefelt, at the drums, Joakim Svensson at the guitar and vocals, and John Venkiah at the piano and vocals.

KAALM definitely sounds so beautiful.


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