Numa Edema – Calm And Wisdom

At sea, a lost man wants to go back home

At his feet, he finds two ways to walk through

As a Delta Man, not afraid of the sea, not afraid to drown, he goes ahead.

As mysterious, and poetic as can be, singer-songwriter, critically acclaimed lyricist Numa Edema

Offers us a melancholic picture filled with shades of grey: Delta Man.

With that being said, the lyrics describe the story of a man anybody could relate to.

The song, soulful, provides a warm feeling, and paints a humanist portrait of a man, soul/home searching.

Based in Oslo, sharing Norwegian and Nigerian roots,

Numa’s songs inspire calm and wisdom, along with a melody bringing the Blues to somebody’s Soul.

All of them are from his debut album, ‘Hourglass‘.

Either playing on radio, or performing live, he remains active, and the best is yet to expect!

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