Keasha Beard – Knowledge Of An Inspirational Female Emcee

This is food for Soul and the recipe is Hip-Hop, Realness, and Gospel.

You live and learn, spread your knowledge.

Spoken word poet Keasha Beard, offers a solid mixtape, titled Keasha’s Memoirs, for free.

But just like Chance The Rapper, Keasha could say ‘I don’t make song for free, I make’em for freedom’.

From Seattle, Washington she is bringing something fresh and new to the game.

Keasha is a rapper but also sings and writes music for other artists as well.

This is her first mix-tape, yet the tracks in it are hits after hits.

Through Keasha’s Memoirs we’e attending to the revival of an individual,

Revival of a caterpillar become butterfly,

Revival of an ex-atheist, in war with her wrongs, fighting addiction and alcoholism,

Who drowned herself in liquor and other addictions,

And  become Christian and is delivering knowledge.

She now spreads colorful wings and flying toward the rays of sun as  warm the flame of Hope she ignites in the heart of her listeners.

Not only does she convey Hope and positivity through her lyrics inspired of the Word of God

But she’s also addresses social issues, speaking of her own experience, knowledge and life lessons.

It is true that an artist putting out freedom songs, and getting inspired by Gospel, targets special issues that people commonly suffer from.

Whether it is war, politics, discrimination, or barriers in music industry for independent artists…

For Keasha, the issues addresses are the money, power, alcoholism, and the judgmental people surrounding you.

Musically wise, the production is on point, smooth and giving soul to the lyrics.

In other words, this is a great first shot,  solid mix-tape with  message full of substance.

Plus catchy are most of the songs, your head just keeps nodding to every beat,

As the heat of her word you can feel.



Marcus Gon

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