Cariad Harmon: Carried Away To New York From London

From The Big Ben to a Big Apple, on a ferry navigating between the islands of Blues, Jazz and Folk,

Cariad Harmon invites you to some one-of-kind soothing journey for a land of romance and irony.

Through vivid and poetic images, she draws in your eyes colouful emotions, heartfelt enough to touch your heart.

This is how Cariad puts some Soul in her Folk music.

Like the ink flows from a full pen,  from her honest lyrics flows her true personality,

A personality divided between the “Healthy cynism” of her British “culture and humor”, as she says, and the charm of the “romantic” United States.

If romance, charm and love are a something big in her musical universe, as you may think in her first album, ‘Four Letters’, which is actually another way to talk about Love,

That soulful artist that Wanna Be Famous  tends to definitely give more colors in her starred sky.

Indeed, talking about US being sort of romantic, she adds:

“I think it affects my point of view. I like romance but try to dial it back now and then with a different color…”

This is what she does: she paints the sky of her universe with her own material

Coloring her new album, one much more personal, self-title Cariad Harmon, out now:

Every time you play the album, the first track puts a smile upon your face, due to the irony and humor of the lyrics, typical to her British part.

Then follows the second track and blows the fresh air of New York, that second part of her, giving her a somewhat wicked feeling in her heart.

And, with tracks like “You Don’t Know Me Yet“, followed by a tune painting her actual state of mind, tittle “California

This memorable journey doesn’t seem to stop only to New York

As, in the creative, imaginative and suggestive visual for her single “Like You”, this brilliant journey just drives you all around the word

Through Paris, France or Cairo, Egypt, letting your mind fly, daydreaming endlessy beneath the sky.

This visual is some art sharing something really profound, mixed with harmony with the lyrics giving an awesome storytelling.

Acoustic folk is something for the least suggestive and authentic, and Cariad Harmon embodies that Folk spirit: her acoustic guitar got soul!


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