Chess Galea: Interview – What It Takes To Make An Album

It’s been quite a while

We’ve been missing her smile

And back on track here she comes again

With a voice to enjoy without a  hint of pain,

Yet rather with a delight you can’t explain

And we took delight interviewing Chess Galea, whose debut album is finally is already online:

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1)      Which song has been the most enjoyable to write? Why? Which one was the longest to finish?

I think the most enjoyable one to write was Hard to Handle because it was a fun song, and I really had a strong vision for it.

Jake (my producer) really understood where I was trying to go with it, so that was great.

It honestly just made me think about myself and what sort of person I am and what sort of artist I want to be perceived as.

The longest one to finish was Perfect.

I was very particular about how the message of the song was conveyed through the sounds in the music.

I was very meticulous about rhythms and transitions especially.

2)      I know you wanted to expand the team that’d take part in your creative process. So please tell us about the musicians and talents who got involved in this journey.
I am always looking for talented people to work with and I really hope to have a solid team in the near future.
I wrote the material for the whole album, and with Jake’s input and production, we created 1869!
Jake has great talent in composing and arranging music.
I had a lovely Sound Engineer in the Dominican Republic, Tato, who really loved his job and knew what he was doing the whole time he was recording me – he wasn’t shy to tell me when my notes were not quite right! Which I love… I love honesty.
The people I need to work with have to have real opinions.
I worked with an awesome photographer and brand manager too.
Sisters Alina & Elena Vargas took care of photos and branding respectively and really brought through the image I have been after for a while now!
3)      1869 sounds really like a Pop album, just with its title. Reminds unconsciously of Taylor Swift’s 1989. What is more, it seems to hide a lot. Is it a symbolic year? Is it a code? Would you decode the meaning behind your album title?
I will take out to dinner anyone who manages to find out the meaning behind 1869!
4)      What does David Bowie mean to you?
David Bowie has been such a significant artist who,
Through his influence and forward thinking, has been an inspiration to many artists and therefore has been a vital part in music history and growth in the last few decades.
I could only dream of being as strong and daring as he was.
He is definitely someone I learn from – I watch his interviews and realise how intelligent and innovative he really was.
5)      What would you like people to remember from your album?
I would like them to relate to it.
To find a song in there that can help them deal with their emotions or current/past situations.
I made this album to record a time in my life, and to make music for the love of making music.
I know the album won’t be for everybody, and it’s not perfect, but it’s exactly what I wanted to do.
6)      ‘Hard to handle’ might also qualify your voice which goes wild at the beginning of this track, and quite effortlessly. Even if you’ve definitely found your voice, I know you’ve been working on it still. So how did you challenge your voice for this album?
I have been practising, almost, everyday.
I am doing a 300 days of practise this year, where I have to practise at least 300 days of the 365.
It’s a really good concept.
This time, I focused on writing the songs more for my voice as opposed to just trying to write a good song and I think that has benefitted me.
Moreover, in the last year, I have just gone places with my voice that I was always weary of before.
Moral – practise what you don’t know, not what you know!
7)      It must be quite challenging to write songs all day long and listening to the same tracks on and and on, sometimes till the break of dawn. So how did you do to put things into perspective, taking a global view and working on each track with the good eye (and ear)?
Well honestly and thankfully, I had a few pairs of ears to help me out.
I got opinions from friends, family, producers, management companies – anyone who would listen really! I took their critisism and went from there.
In the end I did listen to the album at least 100 times though – making changes, checking, checking checking!
8)      2014, you received the credits of Best Of British Unsigned, and also a Nomination for Best Solo Artist at Malta Music Awards. 2015 your crowdfunding campaign is a success and allows you to produce you live album cover Great Gig In The Sky. 2016, eventually, you manage to release a full-length project, 14-track album. Making your way to the top, are you sometimes afraid of heights?
I am definitely still very far from the top – I can still see the first few steps when I look behind, but at least I’ve taken the leap!
I have days, like anyone else, when I just feel rubbish.
Some days, I really feel the toll of taking an unconventional route and career choice. Ultimately I know that this is my choice, and it has been my dream forever. I am grateful that I actually have the chance to pursue my dreams.
9)      I know you’re quite a positive person, so, for young artists lacking of confidence, which tips that you use for yourself would you give them?
I would say a few things:
– If you’re broke, don’t worry, so long as you’re prepared to work, you’ll be more than ok!
– If you don’t think you’re good enough – just practise, lots!
– You can either talk yourself out of it, or you can talk yourself into it. Your choice.
– Remember; life is what you make of it.

10)   Finally, for this year, which show are particularly eager for?

I am super excited for all my shows – seriously! I am performing in schools – which I have never done before so I am super excited. Of course, my album launches (both in the UK and Malta) have got me on the edge of my seat already!

UK launch is on the 20th May at PRIMO BAR, London
Malta Launch is on the 6th June at Razzet L-ahmar, Mosta.

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