Soulmaze: Soulful Soothing Discovery Of The Week

The kind of vibes that drives your mind out of a maze

To free your soul and

Invites you to make room for Peace in your heart.

Yes Soulmaze has got that healing groove, and

These soothing melodies for you to close your eyes and put a smile on your face

While the music keeps playing on and on.

This band reflects the most beautiful colours of London

Standing up in the studio as a smooth jazzy soul pop fusion band

Sharing positive vibes with a soulful message.

With funkedelic and still soulful songs such as Shimmy, believe that it is true

As Shimmy highlights some Black culture, and refers to an initially black dance from the USA, which is all about gleam and vibe.


Soulmaze has been a very nice discovery, perfect to carry on this week…

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