Yarah Bravo: Love Is The Movement EP (Review + Interview) – To Lift Your Spirit


“I’m guided by the Stars and the Moonlight

Always guided by the Heart, and a true fight.”

These ones who talk best about love are these ones who know best about suffering.

Looking at the smile on one’s face, you can see the seed of love grew then bloomed over the suffering

“If I told you that a flower bloom in a dark room would you trust it?” (Kendrick Lamar.)

The darker the space that surrounds you, the brighter the star you become

So Yarah Bravo brings you light and life over your dark and Bluesy mood.

The EP,  available right here is a vehicle for positivity: “Cause what goes down, down, down, Must come back up” (Yarah Bravo).

She empowers with indescribable vibes when you meet her, and inspire to keep the faith through her music

“You’re protected, by the Saints: count your Blessings everyday. And then I pray.”

Love Is The Movement has got that flavor that get you higher, elevated to higher status of thinking

This is “Food for thoughts” (Hiii Power – Kendrick Lamar), this is Soul food, this is good enough to lift your spirit.

Rich in color is the art cover of the EP, and rich will end up your body and mind.

Following that movement of Love (of your Heart) will guide you to your self enlightenment, self-understanding

And maybe heal the confusion due to self-consciousness.

The video up here is her EP brought live this past summer, for Music Apartment Live.

Now, this Wednesday December 2nd 2015, Yarah Bravo came in Lyon, France, to promote and perform her EP.

Good times, right vibes, her charisma has shined over the boat La Marquise,

Blazing the place, she happened to be a blessing for anybody getting in her space and connecting with her energy.

Keep counting your blessings though, cause this is not over: Yarah Bravo offered us the privilege to have a very inspirational interview with her:

1)What is the main message we should keep from Love Is The Movement Yarah, in one sentence?

“Hmm… Listen to your Heart (“coeur”)”. 

When you dig it, it’s actually knowing yourself, getting to that self-enlightenment, to find answers to some of your “existential questions”.

There’s no such thing as to be. Being yourself, acknowledging who you are, be your own and eventually find the right balance of your energy. Quiet still.

That’s when you truly love yourself, and “First Love is the very first romance” – Akua Naru.

2) Have you heard of the saying that “our eyes are the window of our Soul”?

“Yes, but I think i’s deeper than that. Your eyes tell much more than your soul.” Your eyes open to a whole universe. It’s a connection to so many things

3) Carousel video is great material. It talks about confusion in the world, starting off with you taking a look at yourself in the mirror, questioning yourself first. Then the carousel seems to represent some kind of metaphor for the confused world we’re born in and throw ourselves in, yet, you constantly keep smiling, flying over questions with no answers. But can you talk yourself on your process to write this song, and to make this video?

” That was really an organic process. Everyone, me, Tobi at the production, people at the video editing, everyone was on the same vision.”

Talking about her posture, she adds “I’m always looking around, seeing myself, and thinking about existential questions.”

“Had a look inside, eventually found my tribe

On a very spiritual top tip” Yarah Bravo

These questions touch fascinating subjects as Being. There’s no such thing as to be.

Considering the several levels that make us, physically, spiritually, and even cosmically if we consider Astrological parameters (Solar System), we are integrally part of the Universe, even more than that, “we are the Universe“.

We, individuals, have all that one glow, that one sparkling identity within us, in our environment, just like the young stars in the Space. 

4) You said in a previous interview “people are not educated enough and then they become scared and fear the unknown”. I stumbled upon this quote while listening to your track ‘Leader’. Your words recall the wisdom of Lauryn Hill (The Miseducation) and Kendrick Lamar (on “misusing your influence” as a leader).
What’s your perspective on being a role model for your listeners? Do you feel sometimes having the same mission as a Janelle Monae, being a voice for others?

“Yes, but it’s not consciously. People relate to organic feelings”

It actually all goes through music flows:

Music brought her to us, and Music brought us to her.

Yarah Bravo met inspirational people such as Erykah Badu and she says, that people like her are “empowering”.

Not only does they inspire, but they empower you to stand for something, to make music, to be creative, to reach your self-enlightenment.

Plus, creativity, “this is so raw”. This is something unique, only you have your own spark about it, you’re your own star.

That’s why you can hear in her music that “everybody got game, we’re the new generation of new player”

The aim is to empower her listeners then lift their spirit, with songs like Leader, or Spare Change.

5) I know you’re a huge fan of Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly. Considered his perspective on so many points, such as leadership, being confused, positivity, and complexion, how do you relate to this album?

This album is everything. Plus, Kendrick is so intelligent, I’m sure he’s not telling us as much as he knows. He mus had the vision of To Pimp A Butterfly since Section 80. I knew it since Section 80, I was sure we would end up to something like To Pimp A Butterfly“.

6) What about Freedom Fighters? Is this a dedication to our parents’ story?


“Yes. I’m Brazilian from my father and Chilean from my mother, and the song relates their story.

But more than that, the song has actually three levels: the colonization, the slavery, and the story of my parents.”

This storytelling is actually a freedom song based on a true story, and putting in light the consequences of History that are impacting our society, our world nowadays.

“With everything that is happening in the world, we are living in a transition in History. We’re living it.”

Let’s conclude on a good note, just for the good mood:

Marcus Gon

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