Jay Prince: Beautiful Mercy EP Review – Music As Home And Freedom

“This feeling is unmatched”

Jay Prince never stops improving his craft and surprises you with a whole other experience.

There’s an evolution to notice in this project. The instrumental production is richer and more dense than in BeFor Our Tiime.

This richness may be the rendition of the Beauty that blinds your eyes while crying out to a Beautiful Mercy.

This project, is all about Freedom, therapy, and healing process: Music’s purpose.

The first track is the the first clue, added to the art cover of the EP:

beautiful mercyjuice beautiful mercy

From these covers, we don’t focus no more on the rich ornaments of the place we’re living in

But we free our overthinking mind, finding a way to evade ourselves and chill to the cool air that is breathing the beautiful landscape in front of us.

What is more, as a third clue confirming the main theme of the project is Freedom, is the constant references to Erykah Badu.

Erykah Badu also known as Medulla Oblongata’s influences over Jay Prince’s instrumentation are obvious in the track Monologue, and Bump That.

The combination of this art cover and Badu’s influence recall the lyrics of Window Seat:

“Can I get a window seat?
Don’t want nobody next to me
I just want a chance to fly
A chance to cry and a long bye-bye”

The message is the same in “Beautiful Mercy”.

PHUNK, a mix between Punk and Funk, means a lot, according to Urban Dictionnary:

“Something that is punk that has a lot of style. A punk that strikes to the heart and soul of everyone just by being present.”

“Phunk: to have lots of vibe lots of flavor to be cool.”

Coolness and chillness are the favorite vibes for Jay, that Mellow Prince.

His style keeps diversifying itself, with a storytelling consistent flow, described as nonchalant.

Besides, Afrophunk is about the freedom, and love, self-love, insisting on the fact that what matters is not the material yet your self.

And, through Music, Jay understood that. Just like Kendrick in his track “Momma“, he could say “Thank God For Rap” , which happens to be his home, his comfort zone, his healing, his Beautiful Mercy.

A track with his signature in the title “Good” (“Good Right Now”, “I’m Good”, “Feel Good”…) as the closer of the project; Jay Prince is just keeping it real.

Go vibe with him for his European tour:

Jay Prince: Beautiful Mercy EP Review - Music As Home And Freedom 1

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