Mi’das: And The Story Goes On

And the time has come again for the Soulful Storyteller to tell us another story through the lines of his second single,

“Too Little To Late”, extracted from his EP ‘Stronger’, masterpiece of the “Stories So Far” series.

The story goes on as Mi’das inner thoughts vibrate out of his mind, taking shape in the vibes of his guitar

Following the beat (of his heart) and keeping that soulful rawness in the recording; consisting of “organic instruments” only.

This organic thing is one essential, almost symbolic component of Mi’das’ strength in this EP “Stronger”.

Besides, ending with the extract of one of his live performances is an actual signature of his loyalty to authentic style and acoustic genre.

Mi’das adds something else about this single:

“This song is about being afraid of getting old and having regrets about how you lived your life, about making too many compromises and not following your dreams.

It’s one of my favourite songs because it mixes my soul and gospel influences with my love of songwriters and results in the song having a timeless feeling”.

Enough said, shall music speaks for itself, cause this sounds so beautiful:

Too Little Too Late will be available to download on iTunes as a single on the 22nd of June http://apple.co/1MKrlN8

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