Attic Empire: 7 Shades of Funk

From Soul, to Funk, through Indie Rock and Jazz, sprinkling sparkles of Fusing Ska

These five flavors, tasty spices to a colorful musical jam, are served by a seven members band,

Representing seven shades of Soul and Funk that never can fade away.

The name of this band is Attic Empire, and this funky collective empowers the talents of:

Tyler Connaghan (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Nick Aguilera (lead guitar), Brandon Shulkin (bass), Robert Conrad (drums), Gabe Joven (trumpet), Raymond Fong (trombone), and Mowi Debretsion (tenor saxophone, keyboards).

The band was formed by the members while still in high school for the 2011 Battle of the Bands at House of Blues Hollywood.

They then quickly gained attention from renowned industry execs including famed producer/engineer Carlos de la Garza (Young the Giant, Tegan and Sara) who worked with the band to record a couple of singles in early 2012.

Back in 2015, they propose a shelter in their cosmic universe to any listener with their brand new project: “Astro Getaway”.

Eventually, the project, which is actually a 4-titles EP, shall be named “Space Funk“.

Listening to their groove and appreciating their energy, the adjective Funk does qualify this Californian group quite well indeed.

The rhythm of the drummer, able to make one heart beat like a kick-kick-drum, and the swift of the guitars,

Supported by the groove of the bass, emphasize this concept of Funk.

Their funk, full of youth, provides some kind of vivid and lively interpretation in their composition.

Now the atmosphere brought out by the keyboards, overwhelming the emotions in the voice of the lead vocals

Absolutely creates a kind of cosmic harmony.

The “Space” is creating through the fray of the white and black keys.

Besides, the presence of this keyboard recalls the influence of the band regarding indie rock.

Talking about rock, let us end this review,, biting the bit of a beat that sounds not funky but rocky, and quite catchy:


Actually the real note it is good to end with, is one that proves their groof and their Soul, with this cover of Valerie – Amy Winehouse.

The band has made plenty of covers so far. Uptown Funk has been their most popular.

Marcus Gon

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