Violet Greens returns with new single “Fallin”

Alt-jazz singer, songwriter and visual artist Violet Greens returns with her brand new single “Fallin“, featuring US rapper Slim Guerilla.

Inspired by Billie Holiday’s heartfelt and genuine singing, the lyrical and provocative eloquence of sophisticated rap and Camus’ absurdism, Violet creates a symbiosis between Jazz, contemporary pop music and lyricism, completely owning her own distinctive sound. 

Originally written two years ago and then forgotten about, Violet decided to finish the track when she came across an old voice note on her phone. Having recently been introduced to the artistry of US hip-hop artist Slim Guerilla, Violet reached out to him to feature on the final version of the track. “I was at a friend’s barbecue last summer when one of Slim’s tracks started playing on Spotify. I was instantly hooked and initially assumed he was some 90’s old school artist. I followed Slim on Instagram, plucked up all my courage and asked him if he’d be up for a feature.”

violet greens

Playing on 90s nostalgia, the music video follows Violet around the streets of Berlin, with Slim making a guest appearance on an old iPod screen. Speaking of the track, Violet says, “When I wrote the song I found myself caught in a web of the same recurring, paralysing thoughts, resulting in escapism and isolation. I guess self-doubt and some sort of moral justification (Is it good enough? Is it ethical to express your self-pity in song, when the rest of the world seems to be on fire etc.) is something a lot of artists deal with. 

I usually want to leave room for interpretation, but I guess the message I want listeners to take away from the track is to “stand their ground”. Coping with life’s absurdity, the contradictions of human existence, overwhelming rapid technological developments and societal pressure of constant self-optimization can be quite challenging. Don’t let anyone or anything dictate on how you’re supposed to live your life. Everyone has a different past, different backgrounds, resources and abilities which make each one of us unique. Stick to your own pace and principles, listen to your gut and don’t get yourself devoured by Social Media’s deceptive and cruel maw.”

Being born into a musical and artistic family, Violet was regularly exposed to jazz, soul, classical music, ballet and fine arts. Her professional journey with Jazz began in 2009, when she and her father, Jazz Pianist and composer/arranger, formed a jazz duo and started performing regularly at local clubs. After graduating from high school, she started studying Jazz Vocals in 2011. In 2014 and 2015 she took part in the “Miszform Project” and performed at the International Taichung Jazz Festival in Taiwan in 2015. She also performed with Scandinavian Jazz Singer Caecile Norby in 2018 in the course of a university project.

Also in 2018 she participated in the “International Riga Jazz Stage Contest”. Violet completed her master’s degree at the University of Music and Theatre in Leipzig in 2021 and is currently focused on establishing her two main projects, one being a crossover, genre-bending artistic synthesis combining jazz, neo-soul, hip hop and lyrical and visual metaphors whereas the other being an homage to traditional Jazz Project, “Violet Greens Swaggz The Swing”.

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