Rebecca McCartney deals with a suffocating relationship in new single “Just Air”

I think I need some time
Oh, I still love you, that’s the worst part

Even buttery vocals never fail to express how complicated a relationship can be. The New York-based singer/songwriter Rebecca McCartney released her new single “Just Air” on October 22nd.

This new soul/R&B track is about realizing the relationship you’re in is slowly becoming suffocating. The writing of “Just Air” has been therapeutic to her: “It was the feeling of, I love this person, but being with them takes up more of myself than I’m able to give, and I need to figure things out with a little more space.” 

Rebecca McCartney Mélanie Domergue

The soft melody might make you think of chill-out and romantic song, but it contrasts with the heartbreaking lyrics. “Oh, I wanna feel you close / But you’ll eat me to my bones”, she sings as she realizes she needs to put herself first before she completely disappears into it. Formulating all her thoughts out loud seems impossible, as she drowns into them while describing a meeting with her significant other.

The R&B indie artist feels guilty for thinking this way, but she knows deep down being on her own for some time is necessary to preserve her mental health. That’s why the chorus sounds like a gulp of air. Expressing her will and deciding to put it into a song are already two steps to feel better. She’s reconnecting with her true self. If you’re in this situation, take your time and prioritize self-care before figuring out what to do next. 

Rebecca McCartney expresses her emotions through music

Rebecca McCartney is reconnecting with her roots. She’s back in New York City, where a family of musicians and nerds raised her. She grew up listening to NYC’s classical music world. Being home brings her to write with authenticity about her feelings. She regained her safe space. She’s familiar with the writing process. Words indeed led her to work alongside her close friend Jakob Leventhal. Together, they named themselves “Garden Party” and released an eponymous indie-folk record in 2020.

Then, Rebecca McCartney went to college to study jazz, and she happened to be in an R&B band. Today, she’s about to release her debut EP, “How You Feel”. “Just Air” is the third piece of her upcoming project. The songs “Behind Closed Doors” and “Remember Less” (her lead single) were released earlier this year. Her sound is “edgy, ethereal”. It’s modeled by eclectic musical influences and her past experiences. 

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