Markee Steele delivers bangers on new EP « Vet & A Rook »

These last few years, Markee Steele’s work ethic has been on full display. Just last October, he came out with « Time Heals », his 3rd studio album. Striking while the iron is hot, the North Carolinian MC releases a new EP entitled «  Vet & A Rook ».

If the title reminds us of Drake’s « Rookie & the vet » line on « 0 to 100 », it is quite fitting when it comes to Markee Steele’s case. Upon the release of the project, he stated :

« Blessed to be in a unique position in my career because I’ve accomplished a lot independently, yet there’s still a large portion of my potential fanbase I haven’t managed tap into yet. Everyday I’m considered a new artist to a lot people that have just discovered me. I know exactly who I am as an artist and where I’m taking my ship but I’m still new and so much has yet to be written. A true Vet & A Rook, at the same time. »

With the paradoxical aspect of his career, you may wonder, how does he keep going ? How does he stay inspired ?

« Vet & A Rook », as a all, gives a brillant response to those questions.

The single « Big Dreams III » pretty much epitomizes Markee’s approach to music. His inspiration comes from real-life experiences, thus the MC doesn’t shy away from sharing uncomfortable and yet moving truth.

« Scared I wasn’t ready to be a dad I was scared, scared because my biological dad wasn’t there / and I would search throughout the whole world just to show my baby girl that she’s her daddy’s whole world but I’m still scared »

« Glad » that he followed 9th Wonder’s advice « about being you », Markee Steele applies those principles of honesty in every aspects of his life. On « Keep It Real » he reexamines relationships and what they are based on. Love, lust or just plain financial gain ? Ultimately there’s no wrong answer, as long as there’s clarity for all parties involved.

Through his bars, Markee Steele proves time after time that he is an undeniably driven MC. A moving and enthusiast tune, « Can’t Stop » sees a spirited MC assessing the progress of his community and his ardent desire to never settle.

 « Last year had me fall on my a**, this year I’ma be all in my bag » (« Oh No »)

The songs are articulated as if they composed the different parts of a VHS. The development, in which we get obvious reminders of the exhaustful 2020, ends with « Disbelief ». Markee Steele gives a graceful conclusion to his EP, rhyming about what he went through throughout his life. Even tough there’s disbilief we find, in his expression, signs that he is now able to take a step back and assess in what way his life-experiences shaped him.

« Still can’t believe my bio father ain’t right, still can’t believe I only met once in my life » (« Disbelief »)

Overall, « Vet & A Rook » shows a Markee Steele shining for his honest and soulful approach. What’s clear is that the North Carolina representative conveys the contagious confidence of a man who knows who he is, where he’s at and where he’s going.

Alfred Dilou

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