OLIVIA LUNNY Explores Unrequited Love in “Hold Me”

Riding high on the release of back to back singles, buzzworthy Canadian singer-songwriter Olivia Lunny is moving full tilt as she prepares to unveil her upcoming single Hold Me.” Her third single this year serves as the final offering ahead of her debut EP To The Ones I Loved,” due out August 28th. 

Set apart from previous releases for it’s edgier production, “Hold Me” features Olivia’s lush vocals pleading for “someone to hold me, when it gets dark and I can’t see, can you please stay pretend to love me…” Her words cascade over a gritty and hypnotic track as she explores the inevitable heartache in unreciprocated love and the frustrations that arise when words and actions don’t add up. 

With singles that are meant to operate like puzzle pieces, “Hold Me” masterfully builds off of the momentum established by Bedsheets” which premiered withParade in May and “Think of Me which made its April debut onBillboard and quickly captured the attention of streaming platforms like Spotify, Tidal and Amazon.

Olivia has been deliberate in assembling this jigsaw; making certain that each release leading up to her first ever EP captures a contrasting side of her artistry. As a young up and comer, Olivia finds it crucial that she offer listeners as much range as possible.

Olivia adds “I hope they experience the different ‘flavors’ of my music … because I am in the beginning stages of my career, I want to showcase and experiment with these different sides and styles.”

When asked how this single, and the forthcoming EP came to life, Olivia shared, “each single has been made distinct through varied production. The lyrics and writing style however, are what tie them together at their core… These songs are all about navigating the emotions that come with love and heartbreak and no love or heartbreak is the same. Growth inevitably comes from these feelings, so collectively, these songs are the stories that give insight to my personal journey thus far.” 

Teaming up again with director Louis Browne for the official video, Olivia explains the visual, “explores the emotional ebb and flow that comes with being in a relationship. It shines a light on the extreme feelings that can occur with infatuation. Love is a beautifully complex thing, but unfortunately, can often leave one feeling heartbroken and confused.”

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