Jazmin Grace Grimaldi – The Use Of Arts To Empower Humanitarian Causes

Remembrance of her Grandmother,
An ace when it comes to class, quite like a princess,
She wanna bless Earth with Art,
Grace the world with Jazz and literature 
Fierce with no fear, she wanna right the wrong
Give to the children and also care for Mother Earth.

Jazmin Grace Grimaldi is a South California-based actress, humanitarian and recording artist. She’s just released an acoustic version of her debut single titled Fearless.

Light and simple, the play of the guitar sounds like a sweet and  cheerful dance, carefree, before comes in Jazmin’s delicate voice. You can hear hints of emotions and smiles as she sings her tune, in dedication to the the people of Fiji that have been affected by natural disasters. Fearless sounds then like an invitation to “smile after the hurricane”, as Tank would sing.

Proceeds from the acoustic single will go to her Charity, The Jazmin Fund that gives relief and helps builds sustainable art/ community centers for villages in Fiji.

The pop version is a female or I like to say a human empowerment song. I would love to work with you all to have my music featured as I’m just starting out of the gate.” – Jazmin Grace Grimaldi.

Being Grace Kelly’s (actress and prior Monacco Princess) granddaughter, Jazmin aspires to bless her world with Arts, from acting to singing.

She believes Arts can rejoice the people and be great tool to build humanitarian initiatives.

The Jazmin Fund partnered with Caukin Studio, a volunteer architectural company who designed and built the structure along-side Naqaqa Giving Foundation (NGF). They used threaded rod, cyclone strapping and nail plates to reinforce all structural junctions, which aid in strengthening the building to protect against cyclone damage in future cyclones.

The hall is now used for weekly reading sessions, women meetings, local arts and crafts, concerts, dance performances and kindergarten classes.

Jazmin also hosted, performed, and started the first Naidi Village concert in the new community hall.

Jazmin’s love for music was showcased in a self produced cabaret-style concert, Fall in Love With Jaz in 2015. Backed by her four-piece band, she performed soulful takes on musical standards inspired by Sia and Queen.

She’s currently working on her debut personal music project.

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