AJIA – Making Music So Mellow, Everything’s Feeling in Slo-Mo

Opening up with debut single Sentimental Easing, previously reviewed, following up with Love MeAjia is offering her new EP in a mood for romance. Touching The Surface EP is a smooth bath of emotions, unavowed feelings all unapologetically song out loud. 
Everything feels in slow-motion, like Moonwalking. All Nonchalantly, Ajia sings out the mellowest melodies upon a chill laid-back production.

She’s so hip-hop in her essence, her first two tracks open up with a sample. And her samples give tribute to the artist that inspire her artistry when it comes to R&B, and, this seven song EP from AJIA is a mixture of 90’s rnb and neo soul grooves.
AJIA has just been confirmed to do the Jazz Cafe tour in December.Which should take in London,Manchester and Birmingham.
The girl from South London is definitely on the way to becoming one of the UK’s top rnb performers.

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