Jackie Venson: Creative Songwriter With Unlimited Guitar Skills (Interview)


Within 5 years only, this primarily pianist has taken her guitar game to the next level,

It ain’t hard to tell when you take time and delight listening to her single ‘Next Life’.


The track starts with a slow tempo, and rhythm quite solemn and inflexible, like an straight walk

Following the same line, as if stuck in the same lane, without deviating to the left nor to the right,

Before speeding up, as if we were entering into a kind of process of evolution,

As if we were entering into a ‘Next Life’, setting our mind free, once upon a time stuck in the same ways…

The guitar chords here depict perfectly this feeling of breaking free: a spirit is lifting, 

Waving by, going way up, towards the stairways of this ‘Next Life’.

These guitar chords reflect the talents and skills of this young multi-instrumentalist,

Soulful Blues singer-songwriter, and composer:

Jackie Venson, daughter of Austin music staple, Andrew Venson,

And who’s getting ready for her upcoming release, Jackie Venson Live, later this year.

Her gentle face contrasting her fierce and wilderness when it comes to play the guitar,

Outstanding Jackie Venson is a whole package of talent, passion, and hard work.

We’ve had the opportunity to interview with such an amazing talent


1) We already agree on one point: hard work is key for new possibilities, and we finally achieve something, it gives a sweet feeling of satisfaction/pride. For you, when was that one time that made you proudest of your hard work?

I’ve done a lot of hard work in my life and sometimes been rewarded and sometimes not, however the first time is always the most special time.

It was when I learned my first song and was able to play all the way through it on the piano.

I performed it for my family in the kitchen of my childhood home and they all clapped and asked me to play it again and again. It was this incredible feeling that I immediately became addicted to. I believe this was when the spark turned into a flame that’s been burning ever since.

2) Always Free deals with feeling free as an individual, and allowing yourself to be whoever you want, one universal struggle, actually. How much time did it take you to grow and find (and love) yourself?

Oh man probably at least 20 years.

I’d say it took all the way until after college, all the way until I picked up the guitar and was able to see my progress on the guitar as well as a career unfolding around it.

3) What has been your evolution since your previous album released in 2014, Light In Me?

The evolution has been most prevalent in my guitar playing.

I’ve played hundreds of more gigs ever since and experienced so much in between all of them, not to mention the tours I’ve gone on including my first experience in Europe.

These experiences and the growth I’ve had from them have influenced me in ways I do not exactly understand.

I’ve also played with different players and ended up with different players in my band and that has changed me quite a bit, they have influenced me with their individual styles.

4) Thinking of melodies, switching from the guitar to the piano, how do you challenge your own creativity?

I’m simply honest with myself. If I try and write something and don’t have that special feeling about what I’m writing, I don’t try and force it into a song.

I accept that not every idea I have is a great one and I try my best to filter through the many ideas I have. I also do my best to listen to several hours of music every day, especially music I haven’t heard before.

Falling into the same patterns with listening to music is not ideal for songwriting; it’s always best to hear things you haven’t heard before.

5) I believe you picked the guitar 5 years ago. Within these 5 years, how have you challenged your skills at the guitar?

I don’t like to stay in one place and I’m always looking to learn new techniques on the guitar.

Sometimes these techniques float to me in the form of inspiration from another guitar player but sometimes I seek them out via Internet research.

As soon as I feel myself staying in the same place I actively begin to seek out a new path to a new place.

6) Among your fellows from the Austin’s music scene, who does inspire you the most? Why?

I’m very inspired by the folks in this town who have been around playing and touring for a long time.

Two examples would be Carolyn Wonderland and Marcia Ball, they have been playing music and doing their thing non stop for decades and their love for it has not declined in any way.

It’s obvious that they are following their dreams and putting their all into it.

As a young musician this is a beacon of light in sometimes a very dim and cloudy career path, it’s easy to get lost in the noise and forget what you came here to do.

I plan on hitting it forever and they inspire me to keep to it!

7) What event are you particularly eager to perform at this year?

I am so stoked to play Unplugged at The Grove in August in Austin, TX.

It’s a long running concert series and it’s really become a part of the culture in this town.

I’ve attended a few of the shows and the energy is just so special, I’ve always wanted to participate and I finally have the opportunity to!

Thank you Jackie, and all the best wishes for the release of your anticipated release!

Marcus Gon

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