Sumaya The Artist – The Age Of Aquarius, All About Freedom And Self-Care



As sensual and suggestive as it gets, Somalia rooted and London-based Sumaya The Artist is unveiling an intimate artistry, along a beautiful and soothing sound.

Sumaya the Artist has released her very first EP, titled Age of Aquarius, which draws inspiration from the new age of freedom and being her authentic self unapologetically.

Coming up as a new soul on fire, pure-bred fighter as a Londoner, she talks about self-growth. Her EP also deals with love in a beautiful way. She’s using interesting sounds and melodies to picture her emotions.

Inspired by a range of artists such as Brandy, Keri Hilson, Toni Braxton and Destiny’s Child, she boasts a true RnB flare, Sumaya describes the journey towards Age of Aquarius as euphoric and fulfilling.


What started from the comfort of her bedroom, music kept well within the walls, quickly progressed into starting her own You Tube channel. She posts both unique covers as well as original material to keep her audience engaged, a true glimpse into the mind of this soul star.

Her leading single “Coming up ” and “Know Better” shows her versatility in sound , lyrical ability and melodic genius.


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