HENRIKES – Vocals To Make You Feel Free As A Bird

White and Black bird
With broken little wings
Sing and wait for a second wind
To flee free and fly
And like the Sun, arise.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, HENRIKES offers a beautiful piece of her musical esthethic. Overwhelming smooth and soothing vocals take you to an uplifting experience.

The more you listen, the more you’ll feel like floating and flying. HENRIKES masters the polyharmony to bring more colors and nuances to her voice,  while the synthesizer lighty paints a sparkling background.

HENRIKES is giving a one-of-a-kind rendition and explains the inspiration:

« Fifty years ago The Beatles released an album without cover art, what has become known as ‘The White Album’. On Saturday, December 1st, I am releasing my version of the song ‘Blackbird’, which appeared on ‘The White Album’, to celebrate some of the greatest songwriters of all time.

I have always loved Blackbird for its innocent appearance with a deep meaning behind. I wanted to make a stripped-down, filmic version that emphasises the lyrics.

To me ‘Blackbird’ is about power. » HENRIKES

Classically trained vocally, she studied at a contemporary music school in London.

At the moment she’s working with a female Swedish producer at Cosmos Music Studio in Stockholm, trying to create pieces that we both really love, rather than fitting the hype.


Prod & Mix: Märta Grauers
Songwriters: Paul McCartney & John Lennon
Publishing: Sony ATV Music Publishing Ltd
Master: Björn Engelmann
Photo: Franki Bravo


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