I Am Tru Starr’s New Album «VIVA» Shows Us What Really Matters in Life

« I have a dream that one day, this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”, Martin Luther King said during his famous 1963 speech.

And 57 years later, it seems that this is still not applying to our world. The artist we’re going to introduce to you here understands that clearly, and let us tell you he is not afraid to speak the truth out loud.

Indeed, the Rochester (New York) born artist, I.Am.Tru.Starr just released his fourth new album, untitled VIVA, in which he sings about what life is really about and changes the world must take.

But before getting started about VIVA, let’s learn more about him. He always had a natural ability to rap, and began creating music thanks to his friends who challenged and supported him to do so.

Nevertheless, he didn’t wanted to be just one more ordinary rapper, no. Through his music, he stands up as an example for kids growing up in towns like Rochester. He teached them that you can be whoever you want and achieve your goals, even if you’re not living in New York or Los Angeles.

He also would like to celebrate what really matters in life, which is love, health, family and legacy. On the opposite of what society makes us think, money is not the priority. They want us to live for making the most money we can, and then, if we don’t have a lot of it, wants us to feel like failures. Tru Starr disagrees with this statement, and its for this particular reason he made and called his album, VIVA. Because, like Coldplay sang it, VIVA LA VIDA.

And he did that very well.

A depiction of the bad world we’re living in :

Testify sounds like an old disco song, but nonetheless, it’s a serious single. He said « speak the truth » & « I ain’t a killer », which refers to the policemen who are killing colored people with no serious motives and they don’t even have the real punishment from the government they truly deserve. Despite that, there’s « real nigga delegation », which is Black Lives Matter movement. They exist, they protest and have the right to do so, they fight for justice and won’t stay quiet.

Something’s gotta change is about the same subject. « And feels because of the color of the skin, they are not treated the same ». It highlights what the rapper Logic said once, « We are all born equal but not treated equally ». This world is lost and going to its own end, as Tru Starr said « This world is a maze, try to find a way back home ». This has to stop, we have to speak up, « I want to tell my story » and « to God be the glory ». He’s absolutely right, don’t you think? The lack of confidence people might have because of all the free hatred on social media, racism, discriminations, the fear people have to reach their goals because they’re being told it’s impossible. This got to change.

Kenzo is teaching us that it’s not about what you own, but who you are. « Drippin’ in gold, covered of diamonds », « open your nose ». Being rich does not necessarily make you happy and if you don’t have real love, family and friends around you, having money is not worth it because you can’t buy the most essential things in life.

Drake Type Beat is about Los Angeles (« Viva Los Angeles ») which for him, is the perfect illustration of cliché, fake and empty people and poison gift some persons can be, « She’s looking for God and looking at a player », « I’m in my bad like Santa Claus ».

American Idol, which is a TV show, increases the fear of Tru Starr in front of this society, « I don’t need nobody acting scary, this life is scary, sometimes it scares me ». But he does end with a positive not, « Baby you got what I want », which is real values and this leads us to the second part of the album.

Love and health always win :

With Selena, he talks about his lover. He « needs her », « her body is like a playground and I want to play ». He’s also maybe referring to her in Speed limit, in which he admits he’s in love with someone and he is sure the person he is talking to is the one for him (« I can’t see myself living without you », « You are made for me and me for you »). Selena’s instru is typical of the rap style, this song is very sexual compared to Speed limit and its sweet talk and rocky sound.

Maybe, he’s still singing about the same women in Taste, which has a slow and sensual instrumental. « You are a kind of style », « my favorite bad habits», « supernatural woman », « Girl I know you ain’t a saint », « I’m so hungry for your taste ». We can think it’s only a physical relationship, because the girl is not « all white » innocent. He knows it good and well, but ends up saying « Don’t think I only wanna fuck ». Th girl in question his “sunshine”, as he confesses, so it’s a complicated relationship with a true love.

Listening to Killin me, you’ll hear a man deeply in love with someone whose long absence is killing him: « living without you is killing me », « won’t you please come home ». Maybe the person is passed away, so he talks to God who « takes me higher », like he sang in Gesundheit, which means good health in German.

So, for · I.Am.Tru.Starr, love, health, family and legacy are truly what matter the most in such a scary world we’re living in. He did set the record straight about that with his brilliant album VIVA.

Camille Laval

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