Georgia Black wants you to be a superhero to defeat our “Invisible Enemy”

And can they see?
To lock our doors is unity
The heroes stay inside to breath
The rest are losing mouths to feed

This year inspired the contemporary blues singer Georgia Black. The London-based artist released “Our Invisible Enemy” on Saturday, October 17th.

Georgia Black released several singles: “Will I Be Waiting?” and “The Morning’s Just Begun”. Her newest one is “Repeat & Play”. Georgia Black is from North London. Her professional singing career began fronting Agent Provocateur’s Dirty Stop Out, with The Clash’s Mick Jones, Bobby Gillespie, and AP’s Joe Corre.

Despite her young career, she already performed in venues such as Camden’s Koko and international festivals, including Vienna’s Life Ball Festival, and Berlin Fashion Week. Her voice is haunting and gives us Lana Del Rey vibes.

Earmilk and Atwood Magazine have already praised her talent. These last few months, she’s been working on her personal sound. Her world is filled with old jazz, blues, and soul influences. Shirley Bassey, Etta James, and Peggy Lee are her inspirations.

There are no Marvel movies this year, but Georgia Black may have created the perfect superhero anthem for 2020. Indeed, “Invisible Enemy” refers to our current situation. The invisible enemy is COVID-19. This track was written at the very start of the lockdown.

Georgia Black’s music video for “Invisible Enemy” is kinda funny-sided to contrast with the song’s theme.

As a day job, Georgia works as a Learning Support Assistant in a college. She simply had a conversation with one of her colleagues, named Roberta. She asked Georgia: “Don’t you think it’s crazy that whenever we’re usually unwell, we feel we have to be the hero and push ourselves to go to work, but right now, to be the hero is the other way round?”

Then, Georgia Black couldn’t help but picture these superheroes saving lives by staying at home. That’s how “Invisible Enemy” was born. To be the heroes, we have to stay inside, even though we can’t see our enemy or don’t know much about it.

“Invisible Enemy” gives us a cinematographic experience. It sounds like one of those James Bond soundtracks: serious, solemn, and with a powerful chorus. We could almost imagine inhabitants looking by their windows as they try to save everyone the only way they can. Some slow motions scenes too, or people looking at the sky.

The violin, the seductive synths, and Georgia Black’s soulful, sultry vocals envelop us in a bubble to unite us, as we should be. “Invisible Enemy” is also a way to remind us that we’re stronger when we’re together. We shouldn’t be divided but keep on taking care of everyone.

Mélanie Domergue

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