Lisabel – In Harmony With Your Self


One song, two meanings. London based singer-songwriter,  Lisabel is writing to inspire her audience and let her shine glow, let her green light rise and bright.

Happy heart and peaceful mind, she sings gracefully along her single, Green Jade, off of her forthcoming 15 track debut album which will be released in early 2019.

The smooth play of the keys, the overwhelming sound of the cymbals, and these celestial vocal harmonies imply a taste for meditation and plenitude.

The video emphasize this idea with a very specific color code. Having Lisabel dressed all white in the night, refers not only to a pure soul, but also to a renewal through mental clarity.

Breaking free from the dead of night to the break of dawn, Lisabel awakens to the light and warmth of her Green Jade. Dressed in green she breathes life, youth, feels in harmony and connects with nature and her inner-self.

Through such a scripted visual and code color, the London vocalist subtly explains the multi-faceted meaning behing a green jade.

First, it’s an ancient healing stone that helps Lisabel connect with her inner self offering protection and guidance; the possibly less predictable interpretation is related to the jade which metaphorically represents a new lover coming into Lisabel’s life, bringing harmony and love.

‘Green Jade’ was recorded at the iconic Konk Studios (built in the 70s and owned by the British rock band The Kinks) in early 2018. It was written by Lisabel and produced by Nikola Kovačević and Lisabel Biscaldi.

‘Green Jade’ will be available on all major platform from November 19th 2018 and will be followed by further singles accompanied by visuals before the launch of the upcoming album.



Blending Soul with Pop and Ambient with a hint of Jazz, what’s specific with Lisabel is her ability to switch the vibe, playing with time and space in one same song. This is great writing.

Not only her words do the work to paint a world colored by the shades of her voice, but also by the genius choice of the notes played with the right tempo.

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